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Client Testimonials

Please read what our clients have to say about us

Our clients are what make it all worthwhile and we thank you whole-heartedly for your kind words!

"When I first came to The Art of Fitness Training Solutions I was  just looking for some information about boxing for a book I was writing. All I knew about boxing was what I learned from the movies, so Kyle figured the best way to give me the information was to  show me. 
         Much to my utter surprise, and despite being the marshmallow type, I loved it. 
 A year and a half later, I'm still coming in for lessons. I'm in better shape, continually progressing and love going to the gym. Kyle is funny, respectful, tough and absolutely great to work with. I can't recommend him enough."
"I'm that guy who was just not a gym person. 
     I thought it was boring and I could get any exercise I needed by going for a run or chopping some wood. 
But when  I found myself in pain due to a neck injury,
     I finally listened to my wife and called The Art of Fitness Training Solutions.
Kyle make up a series of excercises that specifically addressed my injury. With his assistance I have been able to lessen my recovery time, build my endurance, and increase my strength. I never thought I would say it, but I really love going to the gym."
"I am pleased to write this testimonial in support of Kyle Bennett,...a teacher who I highly recommend for 
three main reasons:
First, Kyle sets high expectations of his students. He sets the tone of the class and keeps the class moving for both beginning and advanced students. Throughout the hour, he reminds students to keep pushing themselves and watches them to ensure that they are completing exercises correctly and thoroughly. He also provides individual attention so that a student can learn how to improve his/her stance and movement.
Second, Kyle balances firm instruction with an encouraging, sensible approach. While paying attention to advanced students, he appropriately reminds new pupils like me to set a reasonable pace in order to avoid injury; he emphasizes that consistent practice and discipline will lead to strength and endurance.
Third, Kyle is clearly knowledgeable in this field. He outlines strategies for students so that they can strengthen their bodies in a healthy manner, and he is able to support each strategy with an explanation and story. Again, he shares how these strategies involve consistency and discipline that lead to positive life-style changes.
The first class I took in kickboxing and conditioning, I arrived nervous about what to expect and unsure if I would be able to complete the entire hour successfully. Since that class, I have continued to focus on healthy eating and exercise, and I attribute that to the guidance of Kyle Bennett's instruction."
"As Founder and President of the Wesleyan University Boxing Club, I would like to recommend Kyle Bennet as both a boxing instructor and a physical trainer.
Over the last six months, Kyle has  helped organize twenty-plus students from a relatively un-athletic assortment of clueless college students into a fit and competent boxing club.
Our bi-weekly lessons with Mr. Bennett are simultaneously educative, exhaustive, and immensely enjoyable. His workouts are well structured: they typically begin with innovative stretching techniques, morph into grueling cardiovascular work, and then end with boxing technique training. With every advised warm­up lap, abdominal workout, and punch routine, Bennett pulls from his myriad knowledge of physical training. One such example is the “3-minute core test,” one of his many signature abdominal workouts that draw upon his specific martial-arts-related experiences.
That Bennett has spent extensive time in the boxing ring is also readily apparent.
While teaching us new punches and boxing techniques, he has been known to relay real-life boxing ring scenarios that incorporate the usefulness and caveats of our new punches and techniques. I would feel confident in hiring Mr. Bennett as both a personal boxing coach and physical trainer.
Kyle Bennett is a steadfast example of professionalism during his lessons, beginning with the fact that he always arrives to the lesson at least ten minutes before they start. He manages his professional commitments well, and he has always notified me of any potential time conflicts for the next lesson well in advance. His leadership in the gym is widely respected by all of the members of the Wesleyan Boxing Club not only due to the fact that he has plentiful boxing experience, but also because he has established a high level of mutual respect among his clients
(the students), for which the Boxing Club is greatly appreciative."
"This letter is a personal reference for Coach Kyle Bennett and his boxing program for 8-12 year olds.  We have known Coach Kyle for about 4 months.  While we are fairly new to the program I have seen the way the children he has been coaching respect him.  The same respect my son gives his coach.

The day we started the program I remember  how he connected with my son, explained how there would be respect between coach and student.  There would be eye contact when speaking and each answer would be followed by a “yes coach”.  The reason we joined the program was to help our son lose extra weight and increase flexibility.  Not only is he getting lean and more flexible while learning how to throw a solid punch, but  he is also developing into a better person.  Over the last few months Coach Kyle has worked hard to encourage my son to be a leader of the group.  Encouraging him to try hard every day and lead the group exercises.  He is  learning how to be a better teammate and how to be more coachable just by attending Coach Kyle’s class up to 3 times a week.  All this while actually enjoying his tough workout!

When I mentioned to my son that I would be writing this letter of recommendation, his first words were,
		'We are wiling to go wherever he goes – right mom?'
That alone should be recommendation enough! 

We give Coach Kyle a high recommendation.  I think he will be an asset anywhere he decides to take his career…and we will most likely be following behind."